Common Cloud Ontologies


Linked data — the most lightweight version of the Semantic Web — has now been taken up by some major players, including the BBC, the UK Government, Google, Yahoo, and to some extent Facebook. As such, it is seen as the best technology to support the sharing of data at scale. This group investigates how semantic technologies can support interoperability in services and clouds. Interestingly, Vint Cerf made the point in 2009 that the “inter-cloud” problem (exchanging information between distinct computing clouds) could be solved via semantics. In addition, Provider-neutral Cloud Programming (utilizing non-vendor specific APIs for Cloud application development), Cloud Portability (porting of applications across different Cloud frameworks) and Cloud Interoperability (utilizing multiple services from multiple clouds) could much benefit from semantics-based descriptions of Cloud resources, services and functionalities. This group encourages a dialogue on major challenges such as above, with the goal of building a common “Cloud Ontology,” by merging and aligning already developed ontologies. Initially, the group collects the existing ontologies — welcoming inputs from interesting projects and organizations.

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