HOLA! support to CWGs

HOLA! has initiated a set of actions to support the labor of the IoS CWG. During the IoS Collaboration Days(IoSCDs) in Brussels some good coopertion ideas arised from different CWGs and HOLA! is committed to help with our capabilbities and resources every CWG in making them real.

As a starting point, a description of the main conclussions and action points agreed during the IoSCDs as well as a brief intriduction of the help that Hola can bring each CWG has been added to a new forum topic in each Working Group within the Hola Portal. Here are the links to such new forum topics:

  1. Best practices for open source (FLOSS): http://www.holaportal.eu/node/297

  2. Coordination and Contribution to standards http://www.holaportal.eu/node/292

  3. Coordination and Dissemination Activities: http://www.holaportal.eu/node/128

  4. Data Management and Storage: http://www.holaportal.eu/node/295

  5. QoS & SlAs: http://www.holaportal.eu/node/298

  6. Semantics: http://www.holaportal.eu/node/299

  7. Trust & Security: http://www.holaportal.eu/node/296