HOLA! Digital Library is finally released!

What HOLA! Digital Library is about? It hosts public deliverables of research projects in the IoS area, facilitating technology transfer and knowledge sharing, management, maintenance and creation. Deliverables include technical documents but also presentations, source code archives, etc.

How does it work? All of the content is populated and mantained by the community (IoS projects and their members). Projects produce documentation, deliverables, files and these are tagged with metadata, following the S-Cube IoS domain knowledge model. As a result of this, the online knowledge repository is constitued and any Portal Member can search it.

You can learn how to upload, tag and search for documents  and projects  viewing the following short video-tutorials:

  1. PART 1: How to create a project and insert related metadata
  2. PART 2: how to insert files/deliverables in this project and insert metadata
  3. PART 3: how to use the search functionalities of DL

HOLA! Group has worked really hard in order to provide the IoS community with this functionality. Easiness and usuability have been two key objectives. We are happy with the final result, but now it is time for you to to use it, make it yours, and send us your feedback. 

Do not hesitate to contact and let us know your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you (