Minutes of the CWG Leaders' status meeting 5 March 2012


Tiziana, Marta, Manolis, Dimos, John, Mario, Mike, Roberto, Daniel
Apologies: Annalisa, Fabio, Pierluigi, Kevin, Michael L, Eliot, Francesco, Hermann

Digital Library

  • Manolis Sardis from the HOLA! project presented the implementation of the Digital Library and the keyword model based on the S-Cube knowledge model enhanced by NTUA.
  • Both projects and documents can be tagged with meta-information according to the knowledge model, and the library supports also a free search through the full deliverable content.
  • The tags are reported as a tag cloud, and one may use them in various searches.
  • The static presentation is included below, and all CWG Leaders are invited to test out the functionality both for their own projects and for their working groups.
  • The presentation was well received, and the discussion afterwards related to the sustainability of the HOLA! platform to ensure that the uploaded and tagged information would remain publicly available also after the end of the HOLA! project.
  • HOLA! is currenty developing a sustainability plan aiming at generating sufficient income for maintaining the platform through a wide set of services offered on the basis of the current platform.

News from the Collaboration Working Groups (CWG)

  • The Standardisation Collaboration WG is tasked to collect information related to standardisation efforts from the projects involved in the Service and Software Architecture of FP7 and aims at performing a survey on the running projects. A call for standards related information was sent to all projects In February. Not much feedback yet. A key obstacle has been the lack of a mailing list to reach the present set of coordinators. Geir has contacted the Commission to investigate if they can help the group by sending out the mail on behalf of the CWG.
  • The standardisation group will also be participating to the FIA event in 10-11 May in Aalborg, and would hope to have some results of the survey ready by then.
  • QoS&SLA: The group is now running several focused activities, among these one on performance prediction. Furthermore, they are finalising the book from VisionClouds project, which received input from 3 projects.
  • The Socio-Economic WG has been involved with the SEQUIA final conference in Brussels 13 March, and would like to remind people to have a look at the agenda and registration at the SEQUIA website.
  • Trust & Security: There will not be a separate meeting for the projects under Objective 1.2 before the summer since there is an Objective 1.4 cluster meeting: Cyber Security & Privacy EU Forum 2012 organised by Effects+ on 24-25 April 2012 in Berlin.
  • The Trust & Security group is also moving all legacy content into the HOLA! portal as a set of cross-linked pages.

Collaboration Meeting in September

  • None of the meeting participants knew of any event in the last two weeks of September and the first two weeks of October that could cause a conflict of interest for project members who would like to participate at both events.
  • It was suggested to link the Collaboration Meeting with the ICT Event as this should be organised in 2012. A check after the meeting revealed that the ICT Event will not be organised in 2012.
  • There will be an unconfirmed Proposers' day in Warsaw 26-27 September, and perhaps the Collaboration Meeting could be linked with that event? The HOLA! team is checking out the possibilities.

Next meeting

Monday 14 May 2012 at 11:00-12:00 CEST.

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