Presentation of the Working Group




This Group Discussion aims at determining how formal methods would contribute to the specification, design, development and deployment of service oriented architectures, based on potential or real error risks analysis.

This analysis would rely on:

  • experience gained through non-formal developments, as well as
  • the reasons why some SSAI FP7 Call1 projects are making explicit use of formal methods or plan to develop a formal framework (project SLA@SOI for example).
  • “Negative” testimony/feelings (justified or not) explaining why formalities are not welcome in SOA are also expected to contribute to the analysis.

In a second time, it would be interesting to:

  • expose the results of this analysis (that we hope to be positive),
  • to present case-studies including formalities and
  • to explain what is the added-value of this approach.

These case-studies could:

  • be issued from ongoing case-studies/pilots, or
  • be new ones coming from the case-studies repository Working Group.

These results could be disseminated through collective workshops and “white papers”.




We are in the process of collecting feedback and ideas from FP7 Call1 projects, in order to structure later on this section. Everyone is invited to register to this wiki (no restriction) and to contribute to the forthcoming discussions.



Participants and contributors


All projects participating to FP7 Call 1 of Objective "Services and Soft ware Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering" are invited to contribute to the Group Discussion. The Group Discussion is still organizing, gathering expression of interest from the projects.

The following projects have duly expressed their interest in this discussion group: