Joint discussion on the main elements for effective dissemination of R&D results towards successful exploitation

Dear all,

On of the conclusions from our working session during the 2011 IoS Collaboration Days, back in September, was what we called the ‘Ws&H’ for effective dissemination, which aimed at summarising the main components to take into account when drafting a communication plan for an R&D project, what had to be our first thoughts when starting to define a communication plan for a project.

We identified the following:

  • Why? - Why am I disseminating? What I am aiming at achieving?
  • Who? - Who is our target (essential)? Whose hearts and minds must we win in order to succeed?  (differentiating direct and indirect beneficiaries, or at least identifying the direct ones)
  • What? - What is special about our product and can breach our ‘customers’ hearts (unique value proposition)?
  • When? – It is essential to fully manage project’s and product’s lifetime
  • Where? – Which are the better channels? Are they already available?
  • How? – It is important to use the proper  “language” and means for each target audiende (ie. we presented video clips as a possibility to easily, rapidly and effectivelly explaining complex new technologies and their benefits for their users).

You can find more explanations about these ideas along the presentations we used during this session (available at and in a wrap-up video for the session and some other related ones (see

What I would like to do now is inviting you to a joint discussion on this list, starting by the first question:


I leave the question here for the moment, although I am working on an answer myself. But it will be great to start hearing from you in this respect.

After this question, I plan to open other threads for working on each of the elements of the list individually. See you there!




HOLA! Technical & Exploitation Manager

Leader of CWG in Dissemination