Project Mission

As messaging connects various system actors together and often spans various localised or distributed domains it is at the heart of security related issues. From the R&D perspective the mission for GEMOM is to research, develop and deploy a prototype of a messaging platform that is selforganising and self healing and provides secure end to end transactions.GEMOM is resilient and could utilise redundant modules (hot-swap or switchover) instantaneously without information loss. All these features allow specialist, independent system actors such as watch-dogs, security/situation monitors, routers, and optimisers to remove or replace compromised nodes from the broader network instantly without compromising higher level functionality. GEMOM offers a messaging infrastructure which will enable far cheaper solutions as there is no need for heavy investment into infrastructure and assurance against security vulnerabilities and erroneous input vulnerabilities.

Extended Name: 
Genetic Message Oriented Secure Middleware
January, 2008 - June, 2010

Project Actions