Dissemination session - Collaboration Meeting for FP7 Projects Brussels, 28-29 September 2011


I have seen a draft meeting agenda for the Collaboration meeting in September in Brussels, from Eva. However, I have some questions about it.

I think I am, at least I try to be member of the Dissemination CWG. I follow this site, but have no idea whether it is already "official" or not.

I would like to have participated in the discussions about the Dissemination session in September, because as it is, I do not think it is very useful. It seems a copy of the agenda last year, which then made sense, but now a number of projects are active, I would expect some more sharing of experience, and look for collaborations.

Some topics:

- experiences with integrating new social media in a project's communication mix. Most projects explore this, but it is difficult to make a choice of media (Twitter or IRC?, Facebook or Linkedin?, Vimeo or Youtube?  etc.), know how to plan (how much time does it costs), what are the results, etc.

- How to get the message across. And what is the message? Most projects are doing a small part of a very complex advanced IT "idea". Currently each project tries to figure out its core messages and core audiences for itself. This is OK in the beginning, but it would be good to see how these individual messages fit together, an how project cooperation can reinforce the individual communication messages.

- Discuss Collaboration opportunities. We (Contrail) initiated a joint booth "Cloud Research in Europe" together with other European projects at ISC11 in Hamburg. Are to more of these kind of collaborations (possible)? Not only booths at exhibitons, but joint press releases, joint video's, etc? Summerschools are of course also an interesting collaboaration opportunity and couild be discussed here (we have very infrastructure focused Summerschool with participation of other projects: http://contrail-project.eu/summerschool-2011 along side the more general one in Crete.  ).  But they are only a very small part of most projects' communication mix. 

I think these topics should be prepared, so it is not depended on the persons that just happen to be at the session.


Ad Emmen


Results from 2011 IoS Collaboration Days

Dear all,

In the following link you can find the wrap-up presentation for our session in September merged with:

- The audio explanations I gave over it during the closing plenary for 2011 IoS Collaboration Days.

- The wrap-up slides for two other sessions closely related to ours: socio-economics and best practices for exploitation (also with audio explanations).

Link: http://www.holaportal.eu/node/309

In the following days I will open dedicated forums/sites dealing with the main messages we worked on during our sessions (and, possibly, the related ones) and working on the joint activities we agreed on for the following months. Hope to see you there!

Best regards,



Answering to your comment

Dear Ad,

Thanks for your comment and my deep apologies for having taken so long to answer.

In relation to participating in this on-line group, that also Tanja asks about, yes, please, from now on it will be the official on-line channel to the Group, complementary to the physical channel that happens at the Collaboration Workshops.

In relation to your comments to the draft agenda, they are very wellcome, and I will be very happy to discuss with you about potential changes. As a matter of fact, I have been working in the same direction during these days, after having seen the draft agendas for other sessions that are more or less related to ours (i.e. exploitation of results).

We are having a Collaboration Working Group Leaders audio on Monday morning (20/6/2011) where we will discuss on the new focus to the session in relation to other sessions. During it, I will keep in mind the topics you have suggested, which I find very interesting, as well as your general comments. After this audio, which I need to have so that I make sure we fit into the overall programme, I will come back to you via this channel with a new agenda we can discuss and work on together.

We can start discussing about it via this channel and, if we find it useful, we could even have a call about it during next week. Would this be ok with you?

I take this opportunity also to invite anybody else interested to take part.

Best regards,


Participation in this workgroup

Hi All,

I did not even see the agenda, where can I find it? I would also like to know if following this working group is "official" or what is exactly means!



CFP for Project ccordinators

*** SPRERS' 3rd dissemination event!

*** [ Please accept my apologies to send on the forum, but there I havn't been able

*** to make visible to the group the "unpublished pages" described in own account]

*** DEADLINE : 19 June

*** EXTENSION: + 7 days if the abstract is available at the above deadline in the system


-------------- 3rd WoSS | Call for Papers ---------------
Workshop on Software Services:
Semantic-based software services

organized as satellite workshop of FedCSIS
Szczecin, Poland

September 18-21, 2011

-------------- AIM  ---------------
WoSS intends to be an open forum for academics, practitioners,
and vendors, allowing them to discuss the current trends
as well as scientific and technological challenges in software services.

The third edition is dedicated to Semantic-based Software Services
and is partially supported by FP7-ICT SPRERS and mOSAIC projects.

-------------- Support for participants -------
The participants to the workshop from new member states,
authors of accepted papers of the workshop,
are entitled to apply for the reimbursement of
the travel, accommodation and conference fees.

Support is provided also for representatives
of FP7-ICT projects under Objective 1.2.

-------------- Topics --------------
#     semantic Web technologies and standards
#     semantic representations and ontologies
#     semantic aware application tools
#     semantic enabled middleware
#     semantic collaborative research environments
#     semantic interoperability of software services
#     interoperability of semantic artifacts
#     semantic web for clouds
#     scalable reasoning for semantic web
#     web scale querying and searching
#     management of semantic streams
#     sematic analysis of text streams
#     information and service economy
#     entreprise architectures and services
#     context-aware computing
#     service-based autonomic computing
#     dynamic discovery, matching and composition of services
#     quality of services and non-functional aspects
#     negotiation and service-level agreements
#     software service business models
#     software engineering techniques for building semantic middleware
#     techniques for accessing linked data
------ Paper submission and publication  -----
Authors should submit draft papers using IEEE style through submission portal.
The total length of a paper should not exceed 8 pages.
Papers will be refereed and accepted on the basis of their scientific merit
and relevance to the workshop.
Accepted and presented paper will be published in the conference proceedings
available during the event and will be included in the IEEE Xplore database.
Extended versions of selected papers will be published in a special issue
from March 2012 of the Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience journal.