Service Front Ends


Internet users are expecting that the Web will support their daily life becoming the front-end through which they will get access and mix services (either application services, content/data delivery services) which are truly useful for them, matching their needs at any moment, in a context/knowledge-aware manner.

Several European projects, either EU FP, national or industry funded projects are addressing relevant research challenges in the area of Services Front Ends, dealing with research topics such as context modeling and management, or evolution of web technologies that enable users, organized in communities, to mash-up, configure connect, and share services in a knowledge-aware manner. Furthermore, the current FP7 ICT Work Programme includes a dedicated research topic on Service Front Ends, in the area of Service Architecture and Platforms for the Future Internet, focused on technologies enabling communities of networked users with different levels of expertise to search for, compose, configure, share and use services while supporting device and context aware service adaptations.

The Service Front Ends Working Group is coordinated by the EU FP7 Project SOCIETIES, led by the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group in Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. Contact: Kevin Doolin, Chief Engineer, TSSG Scientific and Technical Board Chair

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