The mission of this working group is to provide a forum for collaboration amongst projects, primarily within the Software and Service Architectures unit, on the application of semantics to SOA.


John Domingue: j.b.domingue [AT]

Ioannis Kotsiopoulos: ioannis [AT]

In particular the working group will focus on:

  • Generic ontologies for describing services. Current initiatives in this area include the Web Services Modelling Ontology (WSMO).
  • Generic ontologies for describing Grid entities. A Grid Resource Ontology was recently developed while there are ongoing efforts for the development of SLA, QoS and Security related ontologies.
  • Architectures and infrastructures for managing semantic SOA systems and applications. An example of this includes the Semantic
  • Execution Environment currently being standardised within OASIS.
  • Architecture and methodologies for the development of Semantic Grid infrastructures such as the S-OGSA reference architecture.
  • Semantic languages and representation formalisms for representing services. 
  • Use cases that demonstrate the business value delivered from the adoption of semantics in a SOA environment.

The Working Group will establish and maintain links with the Conceptual Models for Services Working Group which captures the work from previous, the NESSI Semantics Working Group and ongoing projects on Semantics applied to SOA. 

The whole rationale for the Semantic Web is that we create a machine-readable Web comprised of a network of linked heterogeneous ontologies. Currently, very few EU projects expose their ontologies at all! To alleviate this our current main activity in this WG is to create a "Yellow Pages" of European Project Ontologies. We encourage everyone to go to the Yellow Pages within our Wiki below. Also feel free to contact the WG Chairs if you are interested.

Chair: John Domingue


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