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  • NEWS March 2012: Callf or reporting to all SSAI projects:

The Standardisation Collaboration WG is tasked among other things (see below) to collect information related to standardisation efforts from the projects involved in the Service and Software Architecture of FP7 (mainly call 5).

It would be very much appreciated if you could provide your feedback in March 2012 on the following:
  * Which contributions have you submitted or made (or will soon) to a standard body ? Please indicate
    - the SSO concerned (e.g. ETSI, OMA, W3C, JTC 1, IETF)
    - the technicals areas (e.g. mobile, cloud, grid, domotic),
    - the nature of the deliverables (i.e. specs, documents, implementations, tests, etc.)
    - your time-frame for those deliverables (2011q4, 2012q2, etc)
    - whether or not this is done in collaboration with another project or initiative.

Please send your answers by email to
(if you have a specific standardization page on your project site giving that information, feel free to send us that as well)



The majority of the ICT Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering (SSA) projects has a strong interest in taking forward its results into standardisation and in producing results which comply with existing and evolving standards. But with so many different and potentially parallel standardisation activities, which are mostly driven by globally operating standardisation bodies, it is vital to co-ordinate the projects’ efforts to strengthen collaboration, exploit synergies and increase the impact of European standardisation activities on the world stage.

To achieve the aforementioned goals, the Coordination of Contribution to Standards Technical Group (TG) has been brought into being. The mission of this group is to “Support and foster the collaboration, co-ordination and dissemination of standardisation efforts for ICT Service and Software Architecture, Infrastructures and Engineering projects within the Framework Programme 7”.



The Coordination of Contribution to Standards TG wants to accomplish the following objectives jointly with national and European projects, European Technology Platforms like NESSI, as well as with globally operating experts and standardisation bodies:

Information assessment and provision. To effectively operate in the landscape of standardisation, it is essential to assess, maintain and provide information about the standardisation activities and needs of the projects involved. This includes:

  • Gathering information about the ongoing standardisation activities
  • Gathering information about existing gaps or needs for standards
  • Maintaining the information to have always an up-to-date view
  • Provide the projects and the community at large with a consolidated view on standardisation activities, needs, and news


Strategy definition. Experience from Framework Programme 5 and Framework Programme 6 has shown that the definition of one overall standardisation strategy for a large group of projects is a path better not to be entered. This is due to the fact that depending on the technical area, institutions involved, standardisation body, etc., the strategy definition is merely a technical issue with some standardisation-related factors to be taken into account. Therefore it seems more appropriate to use the information assessed and the synergies created by the Coordination of Contribution to Standards TG to assist individuals, institutions, groups or FP7 projects in finding others interested in a certain standard and add standardisation related bits to the more technical discussion on how to advance. This collaboration effort may also include the establishment of contacts to specific standardisation bodies through liaisons.


Networking. Although the ICT Software and Services Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering projects represent a substantial body of expertise and experience, it is obvious that the standardisation landscape is much wider and includes a far greater number of players. Therefore the Coordination of Contribution to Standards TG addresses the networking aspect of standardisation including support for SMEs, the collaboration with projects outside Challenge 1.2, the collaboration with other European activities dealing with standards, liaisons with standardisation bodies and the promotion of collaboration results.

As the support for SMEs is one of the overall objectives of the collaboration effort, its importance is also evident in the context of standardisation. Therefore, regarding the main objectives information assessment, strategy definition and networking, it is important to include SMEs in the loop and handle their demands with specific care.




To achieve the aforementioned objectives, the Coordination of Contribution to Standards TG will either provide or leverage the usage of certain instruments for collaboration. These instruments have shown their usefulness in former collaboration activities, but it may be necessary to adjust them in the context of the Framework Programme 7 and Challenge 1.2.

Networking. In addition to create a good network among the people within the Software and Services Architecture, Infrastructure and Engineering area, it is essential to establish a network including pan-European and global players in the area of standardisation.

Please see our current Standardization listing at



Co-chairs: Daniel Dardailller (W3C) and Hermann Brand (ETSI)

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