Minutes of the CWG Leaders' status meeting 5 September 2011


Anne-Marie, Annalisa, Eva, Eliot, Jan, Fei, Dimos, Kevin, Raquel, Pierluigi, Francesco, Arian, Phillipe, Ad, Mike, Hermann, John D, Franck

Apologies: Franck, Andreas, Kumardev, Steve (?), Fabio, Ricardo, Michael J, Michael P, Michael L.

Collaboration meeting

  • The updated agenda on the web is the most updated one. If anyone wants to revise the agenda of their session, please mail the changes to Tiziana as quickly as possible and she will make sure the official site and the programme is updated.
  • The agenda for the WG Formal Methods for SOA and Future Internet is changing slightly as there are three additional people who want to give presentations. Michael L. will send/upload an updated agenda this week.
  • All rooms have Internet connections, and a beamer and a microphone.
  • Tiziana will clarify if the bandwidth is sufficient for showing online videos.
  • The HOLA portal has a sign-up button for the announcement of the collaboration meeting, although the official sign-off must be done through the EC Event site. There should be a warning in the HOLA! site event that this is not the official registration and a link to the official registration page.
  • Jan will investigate the possibility to passing background information about different sessions to the registered users through the collaboration mechanism on the EC Event site as the Commission is not allowed to share contact information.

Plenary speaker

  • The abstract should be modified to be more of a sales pitch for the talk.
  • The point is that if you want to create a service you need to know your users.
  • The Internet user base changes tremendously and this offers new opportunities to make new business.
  • One example is Facebook that filled a need in the market, but they are also able to learn all the time from testing new features with the user base and adjust according to the feedback they get from their users.
  • There must be clear examples given on "really creative use of the Internet" or similar. If you see these services it could be an eye-opener to people in the room to understand what they can do.


  • Eliot and Dimos and the other editors are soliciting requirements and use cases or state the art for data intensive applications for a book "Data intensive storage services for cloud environment". Draft proposals are due by 1 November with short abstracts and full chapters by 15 February. The full call for chapters is included below - please help disseminate this widely!
  • The online consultations for the Horizon 2020 are now on-going, but there are not very many participants to the meetings organised this far. There was a request for help in promoting the consultation process beyond the normal constituency by invoking your external network. It was suggested that an event page would be on Facebook and LinkedIn so that people could disseminate the events through their networks on those platforms. Jan will provide more information about these mechanisms shortly.

Next meeting

31 October 11:00-12:00 CET

It is then expected that the group leaders will

  • summarise their sessions,
  • draw the conclusions, and most importantly
  • list the actions for the next 6 months.
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