Project Mission

      Cloud4SOA, European Co-Funded FP7 project has the challenge to open up the Cloud market to small-to-medium PaaS providers in Europe, strengthen their market position, and in parallel help to alleviate the vendor lock-in barrier for Cloud developers.

Cloud4SOA will address the above challenge enhancing the Cloud-based application development, deployment and migration by semantically interconnecting Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, both within the same as well as across different Cloud PaaS providers, that share the same technology, and will facilitate the access and lifecycle management for Cloud-based application developers to the PaaS offering that best matches their computational needs.

In detail Cloud4SOA project examines the semantic interoperability needs as well as the business application management related to:

·         The deployment of instances of business application in several and competitive platform offerings (Deployment Scenario)

·         The federation of run-time information between the running instances in a harmonised way (in order to be easily comparable)

·         The management of business application instances

·         The migration of an instance (i.e. business logic and data) between competitive platform offerings.

Extended Name: 
September, 2011 - August, 2014

Project Actions