EU collaboration event in Brussels, 28-29 September

Hi all,

I'm working at the Zuse-Institute-Berlin as PhD student for the Contrail project. Here we research and further develop our distributed file system XtreemFS (

I just registered for the EU collaboration event next week in Brussels. Looking at the agenda I did not find any specific session related to this working group. Will anybody of you give a talk in a session which deals with the topic "Data management and storage"? If so, please tell me as I'd like to attend it.

In general, will there be any meetings of this working group in Brussels? In any case, I'm looking forward to meeting you in person during a lunch or coffee break and discuss with you about data management and storage.

Best regards,

Michael Berlin


Some words about XtreemFS:

Unlike other cloud storage solutions, XtreemFS is a file system in a rather traditional sense: It ensures POSIX compability and can be therefore used like any other local file system while features like replication are supported transparently. For instance, in OpenNebula you can use XtreemFS as storage backend in favour of an Internet-unsuitable NFS server without major modifications. This is one of the applications of XtreemFS inside the Contrail project. Another one is to use it as foundation for Storage-as-a-service.

You can have a look at for an introduction to the XtreemFS architecture. The metadata of a XtreemFS volume is seperately stored on a single server (called "Metadata Replica Catalog", MRC). The file contents itself can be distributed across multiple storage servers ("Object Storage Devices", OSD) which may be added and removed to the file system. The next major release will allow to run all services replicated.