Collecting Use Cases


Within the S-CUBE initiative the need to collect industrial use cases has been identified. The process that we will follow is to conduct a survey among companies to identify those that could be willing to share case studies that are at the same time interesting for S-CUBE

  • So, we are going to contact industries and will use a questionnaire and some other informative material we are just preparing with the objective of:
    Informing companies about the advantages they could get from S-Cube (basically, it will be the possibility to be aligned with the state of the research in the area and to get advices on specific issues they could have about services)

  • To gather general information about each company and its willingness to collaborate with us.

Our initial contacts will be within NESSI, but we also hope to be able to contact some other partners using other channels. We plan to have the industries answering to our questionnaire and then to start a closer interaction with the ones that will have demonstrated more interest in collaborating with us. From this interaction we do hope to gather information about the business cases they are focusing on and then about specific case studies. Of course, then the issue will be to properly describe these cases in a way that it is amenable to analysis and experimentation by the various projects. For that purpose we will try to define a simple use case description method and how to store the use cases in a repository.
This repository could be useful for other projects as well, and for S-CUBE it could be useful if other projects also store their use cases in this repository (maybe in the use case description format or perhaps in the format as was decided by the project). This repository can then be a long term memory for use cases that is accessible for all projects.

So now my question to all the projects is: Are you willing to contribute use cases to this repository and would you like to participate in defining the use case description method and the definition of a repository. Or do you see any other useful activities for this collaboration working group?
If your answer is positive, maybe you can also mention the subject of your use case. Then we can already make an initial inventarisation.

Chair: Elisabetta di Nitto

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