Trust & Security


Trust and Security covers a very broad area including technical issues such as the need and mechanisms for authentication, business issues such as the grounding of trust in business processes or in Virtual Organisations, and operational issues such as the need for user training and software maintenance.

It is clear that there are distinctive requirements for dealing with trust in industrial or commercial projects such as those from the IST programme, when compared with (e.g. Grid-based academic research activities). This makes it inappropriate to focus on the much narrower topic of Security technologies, as Trust plays a crucial role differentiating IST Software and Services projects from previous e-Science work in EU and National programmes.

With this wide remit, it will not be possible to find a common technical approach addressing all project requirements. The emphasis is therefore to identify more focused topics where there are common interests across multiple projects, and discussion can lead to benefits for these projects. The group maintains a list of current topics and circulates summary information about their scope and eventual conclusions to all participants.

Chair: Mike Surridge

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