Business Models & SLAs


The objectives of the QoS & SLA Working Group are briefly described as follows:

  1. Share mutual understanding of QoS & SLAs across various projects (terminology,functional and non-functional requirements, relevant standards & technologies). Forexample, what does "QoS" mean in SOI (QoS on different layers, vertical QoS issues etc). 
  2. Develop mediation framework that allows for translation between different perspectives. This framework refers to an annotated version of tables, which include the following information:
    • main terminology concepts
    • artifacts with which SLAs are associated (e.g. business process, Web service, application container, DB, server, network, etc)
    • metrics for assessing service level objectives / QoS
    • lifecycle issues
    • used standards
  3. Drive joint initiatives towards broader communities (e.g. NEXOF-RA, Future Internet Assembly, standardisation)
  4. QoS & SLAs: Identify the dependencies / barriers etc between QoS provision and SLAs
  5. Examine the role of QoS & SLAs in the Future of Internet (e.g. are the current SLA schemas able to serve the needs posed by the Future Internet trends - such as sensors?)
  6. Identify other FP7 stakeholders and check their involvement in this WG. Examine theobjectives of the other WGs to identify points for collaboration.

Chair: Francesco Bellini

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