Project Mission


SPRERS proposes a set of actions aiming to strengthen the capacities of research and development teams from new member states in the particular field of software services, as well as to support a better alignment of their activities to the European framework programmes for ICT.  The public deliverables of the project will describe the competences of such teams working in the field of software services and the proposed actions to improve their participation at FP7-ICT.

Several scientific workshops and training events complemented by an awarding programme will be organized for early stage researchers to stimulate their activities in software services. The face-to-face meetings aim also to facilitate the collaboration between consortium representatives of the on-going European projects and researchers from new member states. The scientific actions will be sustained with the help of an expert group set up during the project from specialists in software services from new member states.

Extended Name: 
Strengthening the Participation at European R&D in Software Services
January, 2010 - December, 2011

Project Actions