FITTEST - Future Internet Testing

Project Mission

The Future Internet will be a complex interconnection of services, applications, contents and media, on which our society will become increasingly dependent for critical activities such as public utilities, social services, government, learning, finance, business, and entertainment. Consequently, Future Internet applications have to satisfy high quality demands.

Testing is the mostly used quality assurance technique applied in industry. However, the complexity of the technologies involved in the Future Internet makes testing extremely challenging and demands for novel approaches and major advancement in the field.

The overall aim of the FITTEST project is to address these testing challenges, by developing an integrated environment for automated testing, which can monitor the Future Internet application under test and adapt to the dynamic changes observed.

The environment will implement continuous post-release testing since a Future Internet application does not remain fixed after its release. Services and components could be dynamically added by customers and the intended use could change significantly.

The environment will integrate, adapt and automate various techniques for continuous Future Internet testing (e.g. dynamic model inference, model-based testing, log-based diagnosis, oracle learning, combinatorial testing, concurrent testing, regression testing, etc.).

The environment will make use of evolutionary search based techniques, to make it possible for the abovementioned techniques to automate undecidable problemsin order to cope with the Future Internet testing challenges. In this way, we can address unexpected behaviour that may originate from the dynamism, autonomy and self-adaptation involved.

FITTEST results will be evaluated using case studies with real Internet systems like virtual worlds, social networking, highly scalable service providers and a SaaS enabled CASE tool that are highly relevant to the Future Internet vision.

Extended Name: 
Future Internet Testing
September, 2010 - September, 2013

Project Actions