Project Mission

MUSIC is open platform technology for software developers, addressing a paradigm of “any network, any device” with relevant content and right context in a secure and trustworthy manner. MUSIC aims to provide technology for the development of innovative mobile applications, which will play a role in the lives of European citizens in the future. As the public gets accustomed to the use of mobile services, expectations about which services should be provided, where they should be available and how well they should be adapted to the users’ expectations has become more topical and demanding. However, the current range of mobile devices (e.g. PDAs, smart phones, GPS, etc.) and the variety of infrastructures has exacerbated the challenges in building and maintaining such services in a user-friendly way. Because of that, software developers must deal with an enormous number of issues related to configuration, operations, maintenance and change management in order to produce systems that can dynamically, securely and automatically adapt to public expectations in different scenarios and circumstances.

Working Groups

Extended Name: 
Self-adapting applications for Mobile Users In ubiquitous Computing environments
December, 2010 - June, 2013

Project Actions