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Some important news for this working group. The new framework programme has officially been named "HORIZON 2020"; it will bring significant improvements in European research.


For the "Software and Services" research community, it has been decided to expand this workgroup / forum in a full fledged online consultation, organised and supported by the HOLA! project. The forum below will not be updated anymore, and you are invited to participate in the online consultation "Internet of Services towards Horizon 2020". You can get all the information clicking on this link.


The information below is related to the old forum.

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Towards the next Framework Programme 

Framework Programme 7 will end in 2013, and activities are ongoing for the preparation of the new  instruments which will shape the future of European research starting in 2014.

This working group has the objective to stimulate discussion on the future of EU research in the area of software and services, in view of the drafting of the next Framework Programme, which will be named Common Strategic Framework, or CSF (but please note that in several documents you may still find references to the old name "FP8"). 


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To get more information, you can consult the page  TOWARDS CSF: FEEDBACK AND OPINIONS

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