Minutes of the CWG leaders meeting 14 March 2011


Annalisa, Tiziana, Eva, Claudio, Jörn, Eliot, John, Ad, Carlo, Javier, Philipp, Angelos, Fei, Klaus


Pierluigi, Mike, Jesus, Michel, Kevin, Dimos

HOLA! platform

  • Claudio gave a quick tutorial on how to register, ask for trust, and join a particular group
  • Feedback should be given to Claudio, preferably on the special temporary working group “portal feedback group” forum
  • The added value of having a project profile at the HOLA platform is to be able to link this to the collaboration groups.

Collaboration meeting in September


  • The information day will be in the Commission’s premises,
  • The collaboration event will take place in the Diamant conference centre as the previous collaboration meetings.

Feedback from last Collaboration Meeting

  • Dissemination session implemented an interactive methodology to have better feedback from the audience. This worked well. Would this be something to explore in this event?
  • Last year the focus was on themes and not projects. Was this worth the additional effort from the collaboration group leaders? There were no negative comments to this, so implicitly we should keep the same focus also for the upcoming Collaboration Meeting.
  • It is a concern that last time there were too many parallel sessions leading to groups that were too small. It is probably something to consider for the next event, as we will have fewer projects than before, only Call 5 projects.

Ideas for the next Collaboration Meeting

  • The FI-PPP Core Platform project would be important, at least for the Future Internet Assembly session. Should it be a part of the plenary session? Probably some introduction in the plenary, but the collaboration session is probably better to achieve interaction with the participants.


  • There is a request for the CWG Leaders to provide a draft outline of the individual sessions. This action is due one week before our next audio conference, i.e. deadline 9 may 2011. The normal duration of a session is three hours, but if the draft outline shows different needs, then it will help the scheduling of rooms and parallel session to know the expected session lengths early.

Next meeting

  • Next meeting: Monday 16 May 11:00-12:00